Providing safely raised meat and seafood dishes in good condition

The dining bar, which boasts the taste of Tachikawa, is also particular about food safety, and we purchase excellent ingredients from all over the country so that we can provide our customers with truly delicious food that they can eat with peace of mind.
In addition to beef, pork, and chicken, the meat dishes are all from Europe and Japan, and you can clearly see the story of the growing environment, the producer's commitment, the hunting place, and the processing and shipment.
We offer delicious creative cuisine that makes the most of the original taste of the ingredients, so please feel free to drop by.

At this Western-style small restaurant, which offers fresh, creative dishes that match the ingredients of the day, they are particular about the ingredients so that they can offer truly delicious dishes that customers can eat with peace of mind. Even the same dish has a different taste depending on the umami of the ingredients themselves. For example, there is a big difference in the quality of fat, meat quality, and flavor between obese cows that are fattened just for mass production and cows that are raised freely in the great outdoors. There are common beef ranks such as A5 and MBS, but we purchase from producers who have a reliable story from growth to shipping.
At our creative cuisine restaurant, we carefully select ingredients from all over the country, purchase mountain delicacies, safe meat and freshwater fish, and of course we use domestic rice, but we also list the production area, producer, and cultivation method, so that customers can enjoy our food with peace of mind. I'm trying to do it. We are particular about the safety and security of food, and we cook and serve high-quality additive-free ingredients deliciously, so please feel free to use us for dinners with gourmets, important anniversaries, dates, etc.