Enjoy creative cuisine and pairing with wines from around the world

At Tachikawa's stylish dining bar, the 18-year-old owner-chef can create creative dishes and pair them with wines from around the world selected by the sommelier. Generally it is said to be red for meat dishes and white for fish dishes, but nowadays more and more people enjoy various combinations, and it is wine that has the pleasure of finding the best match for you.
Wine and food can enhance each other's taste, and there are many ways to enjoy it, such as choosing the same balance of taste and origin of food. We will also make suggestions, so please feel free to say.

The restaurant offers creative cuisine and offers a full drink menu to enjoy pairing with the food. The sommelier-certified owners of the wines have prepared 80 varieties of wines from around the world, and they are also recommended for dating, anniversaries, women's meetings etc. Mariage of wine and food means French marriage, meaning that it complements each other's goodness, and finding wines that match food is one way to enjoy food.
It is generally said that meat dishes are red wines and fish dishes are white wines, but there are various ways to combine them, so it is best to find your best match. There are various ways to combine food and wine, such as matching the color of the material itself with the color of the wine, combining the weight of the food with the food, and matching the production area. Of course, you can pair with sake, shochu and whiskey, so be sure to find the best match for you.