Reviews of dining bars that are closely related to the Tachikawa area

Tachikawa's stylish dining bar offers creative cuisine made from selected direct produce and wines from around the world, where you can enjoy a combination of cuisine and alcohol. It is a shop where adults with a retreat-like atmosphere can relax and can be used for various occasions such as dates, anniversaries, dinner parties, etc. The terrace is popular when you can have a delicious time under the night sky.
The word of mouth page contains feedback from customers who have used it, so feel free to come and see it for reference.

Enjoy delicious food at the dining bar that is particular about direct ingredients in Tachikawa

At Morinonaka, owners with a track record of more than 15 years order delicious direct ingredients from all over the country and offer unpretentious creative dishes according to the ingredients of the day. You can enjoy original dishes that make the most of the ingredients, such as seafood sent directly from fishermen from Kyushu to Sanin, meat from all over the world, and game from hunters from all over Japan. We are particular about sex and healthy meat.

Tachikawa's dining bar serves creative cuisine

The restaurant, which has more than 15 years of experience in Japanese, Italian, and French cuisine and is inspired by local owners, offers creative cuisine using fresh, direct-produced ingredients. We offer a wide range of menus, including seafood sent directly from fishermen, seafood, mountain products, and meat dishes, and we are particular about the safety of the ingredients so that you can enjoy them with peace of mind.
Located away from the hustle and bustle in front of the station, the restaurant has a calm atmosphere with counter seats, table seats, small seats, and a terrace, making it an adult hideaway where you can easily drop in by yourself. You can enjoy food and wine at the counter, enjoy a date or an anniversary on the terrace under the night sky, and so on. In addition, although we usually open for dinner, we also accept reservations for chartered lunches, so it is recommended for girls-only gatherings, moms-only gatherings, and chartered lunch parties. Please refer to the reviews when using the store and feel free to visit us.

Have a good time at the dining bar where Tachikawa wine is delicious

Tachikawa's dining bar offers creative cuisine with a focus on ingredients, and an extensive drink menu that includes wine, sake, shochu, whiskey, etc. that can be combined with dishes. Our sommelier-qualified owners carefully select wines that match the cuisines of the world, enjoy 80 wine and food pairings, and have fun looking for the best match for you .
There are various ways to combine wine and food. There are endless ways to combine food and wine colors, ingredients and wine production areas. If you want to choose a wine while talking with a lover or a friend, compare the affinity with the wine you care about, or want a sommelier to choose. Please refer to the word-of-mouth page when using, and enjoy a new combination of creative cuisine and wine.

Tachikawa's hideaway dining bar is near Oni Park

Tachikawa's dining bar is a calm retreat away from the bustle in front of the station. From the terrace, you can enjoy a meal while looking at the central line. Local owners who have refined their skills for 10 years in Italian and 5 years in French use fresh produce from all over the country and offer creative dishes that are unpretentious to the ingredients of the day.
It uses various ingredients such as meat dishes, fish dishes using western Japanese fish, and other ingredients that are particular about the production area, safety and growth environment, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind. Please drop in casually.


Have a good time at the dining bar closely linked to the Tachikawa area

A store opened by a local owner

The dining bar opened in Tachikawa is a fashionable store that can be used on dates and anniversaries, and there are table seats, counter seats, and terrace seats, so you can use it in various situations. You can enjoy creative dishes made with direct food ingredients from various locations, made by owners who have refined their skills with Italian and French for many years, and also have a wide range of drinks, including wines from around the world.
It's a retreat with a relaxed atmosphere away from the bustle in front of the station, so please relax with your friends and lovers.


It is near Oni park where central line is visible from terrace


Store name

Western-style small restaurant Molinonaka

Street address

Tokyo Metropolitan Park 1-5-6, Kojimachi, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

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The dining bar, where you can enjoy Tachikawa's creative cuisine, is a hideout shop just off the noise of the station, and is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish atmosphere for a date or an anniversary. The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere for adults to enjoy, including counter seating and table seating, as well as terrace seating for dining under the night sky. Please feel free to inquire as it is a restaurant where you can relax slowly.