The dining bar is based in Tachikawa

Morinonaka, a Western-style small restaurant that operates a dining bar near Oni Park in Tachikawa, is reputed as a hideaway away from the hustle and bustle of the station. There are table seats, counter seats and a terrace in the store, so you can enjoy various situations from drinking parties to drinking alone.
The terrace seats have a good view of the central line. If you are interested, please come to the store as you can relax and enjoy about 80 kinds of wines collected from all over the world.

Tachikawa's dining bar serves creative cuisine

A Western-style small restaurant confident in creative cuisine and wine is open near Oni Park. The creative dishes made by owners who have been polishing their skills for 10 years in Italian and 5 years in French have a reputation for being delicious. The owners are from the local area, and the shops are community-based. For example, we are striving to be a shop that is loved while closely related to the local community. As a result, it was introduced on the local area information site.
We have about 80 kinds of wines from around the world for creative dishes made using direct produce from around the world. This wine is carefully selected using the connoisseur of the sommelier acquired in 2009, so it is definitely delicious. You can enjoy creative dishes made with abundant wine and fresh ingredients. Table seats, counter seats, and terraces are available for private use, so please use it as a date or drinking party.

Tachikawa's dining bar is popular as a hideaway shop

It is a Western-style restaurant that serves creative dishes using directly produced ingredients ordered from all over the country and about 80 kinds of wine from all over the world. It is run by a local owner, and we strive every day as a community-based shop. It is a popular restaurant that has been introduced on local information sites, so please use it if you want to enjoy wine and creative cuisine.
We are particular about cooking and ingredients so that you can eat delicious and safe food, including our specialty dishes such as roasted meat and seafood. In addition to wine, there are plenty of drinks such as sake, shochu, and whiskey, and it is a hideaway shop away from the hustle and bustle in front of the station. There is also a terrace overlooking the Chuo Line, where you can relax and enjoy alcohol and food, making it an ideal place to rest after work, so if you are interested, please come visit us.

We operate a dining bar in close contact with the Tachikawa area.

Morinonaka, a dining bar and Western-style small restaurant based in Tachikawa, is a Western-style small restaurant run by a local owner near Oni Park. We offer creative dishes using carefully selected direct ingredients. The ingredients used are introduced on facebook and Instagram, so please have a look if you are interested.
We are working hard every day to provide services that satisfy our customers, such as improving our service and cooking skills for a long time, 10 years for Italian and 5 years for French, and acquiring a sommelier qualification in 2009. .. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy wines from all over the world and direct ingredients collected from all over the world. If you are looking for a Western-style restaurant where you can enjoy abundant sake nearby, please come and visit us.

Enjoy delicious food at the dining bar that is particular about the ingredients of Tachikawa

At the Western-style small restaurant, the connoisseur owner, who has a track record of 15 years, orders delicious direct ingredients from all over the country and offers unpretentious creative dishes according to the ingredients of the day. You can enjoy original dishes that make use of the ingredients with confidence, such as seafood sent directly from fishermen, beef grown healthy regardless of domestic production, chickens and game from Europe, etc. We are also particular about healthy meat.
Please feel free to visit us by referring to the reviews.


Have a good time at the dining bar closely linked to the Tachikawa area

A store opened by a local owner

The dining bar opened in Tachikawa is a fashionable store that can be used on dates and anniversaries, and there are table seats, counter seats, and terrace seats, so you can use it in various situations. You can enjoy creative dishes made with direct food ingredients from various locations, made by owners who have refined their skills with Italian and French for many years, and also have a wide range of drinks, including wines from around the world.
It's a retreat with a relaxed atmosphere away from the bustle in front of the station, so please relax with your friends and lovers.