Enjoy the delicious vegetables, fish and meat dishes that you can simply enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients.

At the dining bar opened in Tachikawa, we offer our customers creative dishes using fresh, fresh ingredients that are carefully selected from all over the country, with a focus on foods that can be eaten with peace of mind without using additives or artificial seasonings. .. For vegetables, we will see vegetables that can be seen from neighboring fields to growers in each region, and for rice, check the production area, grower, cultivation method, etc. before purchasing. We value safety and security, so you can enjoy not only cooking but also the original taste of the ingredients.
We don't care about natural or aquaculture from each production area in Japan, we confirm the environment in which they are grown and then stock fresh fish. In addition, we do not put it out on the day when we purchase it, we take appropriate measures, age it for an appropriate number of days, and commercialize it. By doing this work, the fat is firmly applied to the body and the aged fish with a delicious taste is completed. As for meat, there is also a menu that uses rare materials such as beef, pig, chicken, duck, lamb, quail, boar, and deer grown in a healthy growing environment, so please try it.

Please come to the Western-style small restaurant (dining bar) where you can enjoy creative cuisine in Tachikawa.

At the dining bar in Tachikawa, you can enjoy the original cuisine that the owner who has a 15-year track record worked hard, and sake from all over the world, using the knowledge of sommelier. You can spend a relaxing time in the calm interior like a hideout while enjoying a meal or a drink, and on the pleasant terrace, you can enjoy a relaxing evening with your friendly friends. As it is located away from the hustle and bustle in front of the station, not only for adult couples who want to spend time in a fashionable shop, but also for lunch meetings, company banquets, dinner parties and reunions with mom friends etc. You can use it.
We are particular about the quality and safety of the ingredients used, and those who care about their health can enjoy the additive-free ingredients with confidence. We offer seafood, mountain food, safe and delicious meat, fresh fish, and other dishes that enhance the flavor of the ingredients, so please enjoy them.

Tachikawa's hideaway dining bar is near Oni Park

Tachikawa's dining bar is a calm retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the station. From the terrace, you can enjoy a meal while looking at the Chuo Line. A local owner who has been working for 10 years in Italian and 5 years in French, uses fresh produce from all over the country, and offers creative dishes that match the ingredients of the day and the customer's mood. The
You can enjoy it with peace of mind because it uses ingredients that focus on the production area, safety, and growth environment, as well as specialty dishes such as roast beef and aged fish. You can enjoy the original taste of the sashimi, which is different from the sashimi you have eaten so far.

At the dining bar in Tachikawa, you can enjoy a little strange meat and aged fish

We have a 15-year track record of creative cuisine and wines and sake stores all over Japan opened by local owners, where you can enjoy dishes made from fresh, freshly-produced ingredients from all over the world. You can enjoy a little interesting dish using fish. We also offer rare ingredients from Japan and Europe depending on the season, so please enjoy them.

Tachikawa's dining bar has an extensive drink menu

At a hidden-style Western-style small restaurant opened near Oni Park, owners with sommelier qualifications have collected over 80 types of wine from around the world, and there are plenty of sake, shochu, whiskey, etc. You can enjoy pairing with. There are counter seats, table seats, terraces in the calm shop away from the bustle in front of the station, and it can be used in various scenes such as lunch meetings, company banquets, regular meals and girls' meetings, and a quiet stop by yourself. It is a shop like an adult retreat.
The food offered by shopkeepers who have experience in the Italian and French restaurant industry, such as boast meat dishes and aged fish, is well received as being not only delicious but also fashionable. If you are unfamiliar with wine, we will suggest drinks that suit your meal, so feel free to come and enjoy a delicious time.

Tachikawa's fashionable dining bar publishes a blog

A Western-style small restaurant that offers original dishes and wines that are particular about ingredients has updated its blog, and we are sending out thoughts and wit chats about food, such as the introduction of ingredients and the state of preparation. At the shop, the owner, who is a professional drinker with a 15-year track record, carefully examines ingredients from all over the country and uses carefully selected materials. We will provide healthy meat that can be eaten with peace of mind, and we will prepare the ingredients carefully grown by the producers so that they can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients and deliver them to our customers.
We are particular about non-additive ingredients, and we list domestic rice, including origin, producer, and cultivation method, so you can enjoy it with confidence, so please take a look at the blog when you have time.