Nesting wine that you can buy in Tachikawa Morinonaka

2021/01/09 blog

First day of three consecutive holidays

Ah, it's coming-of-age ceremony next Monday.
No, it has become a memorable feeling in a strange sense.
Do you want to drink for the time being? ??
The bosses of the national and local governments are hiding. I'm sure the demand for home drinking will increase again.

The owner of Morinonaka is a sommelier, and I'm just thinking that if I don't make a social contribution like this, the significance of existence will be lost.

This blog seems to have more takeouts at each restaurant, so you can buy it at Tachikawa, which is a combination of dogmatism and prejudice.
[Gabu-drinking 500 yen class wine]
[Don't you drink a little good? 1000 yen class wine]
[Benefits are left over! Then what about 2000 yen class wine? ]
[You're a little sick, sparkling wine]
Introduced in 4 categories.


[Gabu-drinking 500 yen class wine]
Dell Sur Series
To be honest, this 500-yen class can be selected by Del Sur.

Sales location (Bic Camera, Don Quijote, Inageya, Yaoko, Fukushimaya, Summit, etc.)
I sell it pretty much everywhere.
In the country, the average selling price in Chile is 600 yen.

There are various types of this del sur, from white to red,
White is a grape variety called Sauvignon Blanc
The owner personally recommends a grape variety called Carmenère for red. Other Chardonnays and Cabernets are also stable and delicious.

By the way, what kind of food does this class of wine go with? ?? Isn't it annoying to combine something with wine for about 5 to 600 yen? Anything is fine. The correct answer is that you try it and this matches this.

[Don't you drink a little good? 1000 yen class wine]

Cono Sur Reserva Series

Sales location (Bic Camera, Inageya, Seijo Ishii, Lumine, Isetan, Don Quijote, etc.)
The country is Chile, the average price is around 1200 yen

I think you can see quite a few wines on bicycle labels, but they are the top wines from that manufacturer.
My personal recommendation is Cabernet Sauvignon, a full-bodied wine with astringent grapes.
White wine is Chardonnay, fruity and delicious.

There will be a few dishes to match from here, but I think it's generally cool except for natto, hot sake, and gorigori sake with a strong habit. Well, in orthodox, white is seafood and red is meat.

[Benefits are left over! Then what about 2000 yen class wine? ]

Beaulieu Vineyard Series
It's a long name, but the label says Big Deca and BV.

Sales location (Isetan, Seijo Ishii, Inageya, Summit, Yaoko, etc.)
Country is California, USA, average price 2300 yen

Well, in short, it is a category of heavy wine and strong wine.
Red wine is Cabernet Sauvignon
White wine is Chardonnay

Japanese food will be stricter in this class.
Western dishes such as steak, beef stew, and cheese are suitable.
It's a satisfying product in terms of taste, so the 2000 yen range is enough.


[You're a little sick, sparkling wine]

Segura Viudas Cava

Sales location (Inageya, Summit, Seijo Ishii, Isetan, Bic Camera, etc.)
Country is Spain Average price 1300 yen

The taste of sparkling wine basically doesn't change that much.
This Segura Viudas has a strong crispness, and even if you can't drink the squishy feeling, if you cover it properly, the carbonic acid will not come out for 2 days, so I will list it.
If you like the strong fruitiness, there is an orange label called Valdivieso in Chile, so that may be fine.
(Valdi Vieso also has similar sales locations, and I think the price was less than 1000 yen ...)
By the way, sparkling wine is as versatile as gulp wine.


I wrote it lazily, but I hope it helps.

I will write it again when I feel like it.