Tachikawa's dining bar is serving fresh food

The dining bar open at Tachikawa is a western-style restaurant run by a local owner. The food prepared by the owner who has learned Italian and French for many years is said to be delicious because it uses fresh ingredients.
We produce fresh vegetables, ordered from all over the country, according to the ingredients of the day. We offer delicious, safe and secure creative cuisine, so if you are looking for a Western-style restaurant, please use Western-style small restaurant Molinonaka.
Western-style small restaurant

Tachikawa's dining bar uses materials directly from the production area

The restaurant based in Tokyo is a Western-style restaurant operated by a local owner. The shop is located away from the bustle in front of the station, and has a stylish interior that creates a hideaway atmosphere. In addition to table seats and counter seats, we also have a terrace so you can use it for various purposes such as dates and anniversaries, company lunch meetings and drinking parties. In addition to the use by multiple people, it is also an environment that can be easily used by a single customer who wants to drink while relaxing at the end of work.
We offer creative dishes tailored to the ingredients of the day, from direct food ingredients ordered from various locations. The food is cooked with attention to ingredients so that it can be eaten deliciously and with peace of mind. You can find out what ingredients are used on Facebook. You can also know the atmosphere in the store, so if you are considering using it, please refer to it.

This is a reputable restaurant with a dining bar based in Tachikawa

The restaurant that operates near Oni Park is a delicious Western-style restaurant that is close to the local community. In addition to dates and anniversaries, it is also a store that can be used for chartering at company banquets and luncheons for mom friends. In addition to table seats and counter seats, we also have a terrace so you can use it in various situations. You can enjoy both the taste and appearance of dishes made with plenty of fresh seafood and mountain products. We have about 80 kinds of wines collected from all over the world.
In addition to wine, there are plenty of sake, shochu, whiskey, and so on, so you can enjoy a variety of sake along with the dishes. It can be used as a drinking party for multiple people and can be reserved. Also, there are counter seats, so even one person can come to the store casually. It is a relaxing space away from the hustle and bustle, so if you want to enjoy a meal slowly, please come by all means.

At Tachikawa's dining bar, you can enjoy our signature roasted meat and aged fish.

At the creative cuisine and wine shop opened by the local owner who has a track record of 15 years, you can enjoy dishes using fresh direct ingredients ordered from various places, and we are proud of using rare beef and aged fish. You can enjoy one dish.

Tachikawa's dining bar has an extensive drink menu

At the hideaway-style Western-style small restaurant opened near Oni Park, the owner who has a sommelier qualification orders more than 80 kinds of wine from all over the world, and also offers abundant sake, shochu, whiskey, etc. You can enjoy pairing with. The calm interior away from the hustle and bustle in front of the station has counter seats, table seats, and a terrace, like an adult hideaway that can be used in a variety of situations, such as banquets with like-minded friends and casual visits by yourself. It is a store.


Have a good time at the dining bar closely linked to the Tachikawa area

A store opened by a local owner

The dining bar opened in Tachikawa is a fashionable store that can be used on dates and anniversaries, and there are table seats, counter seats, and terrace seats, so you can use it in various situations. You can enjoy creative dishes made with direct food ingredients from various locations, made by owners who have refined their skills with Italian and French for many years, and also have a wide range of drinks, including wines from around the world.
It's a retreat with a relaxed atmosphere away from the bustle in front of the station, so please relax with your friends and lovers.