Have a good time at the dining bar closely linked to the Tachikawa area

A store opened by a local owner

The dining bar opened in Tachikawa can be used for various situations such as company lunch meetings and corporate banquets in addition to daily use. In addition to the table seats and counter seats, there is also a terrace where you can relax, so you can use it in various situations.

The dishes made by owners who have been experienced in Italian and French for a long time can be ordered in a semi-order format that is made according to the budget and the mood of the customer. In addition, the ingredients used are visible to the producer regardless of meat, fish, or vegetables, and the ingredients are directly produced from various regions, so you can enjoy them with peace of mind.

We have a wide variety of drinks from around the world, including wine from around the world.
It is a place like a retreat with a relaxed atmosphere away from the bustle in front of the station, so please enjoy drinking, cooking, and talking with those who you know.


Enjoy creative cuisine at the Tachikawa dining bar

Be sure to create a special dish made with fresh produce


Enjoy more than 80 kinds of world wines, sake and shochu selected by sommeliers

Extensive drink menu


It is near Oni park where central line is visible from terrace


Store name

Western-style small restaurant Molinonaka

Street address

Tokyo Metropolitan Park 1-5-6, Kojimachi, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

phone number
business hours


Regular holiday



The dining bar, where you can enjoy Tachikawa's creative cuisine, is a hideout shop just off the noise of the station, and is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish atmosphere for a date or an anniversary. The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere for adults to enjoy, including counter seating and table seating, as well as terrace seating for dining under the night sky. Please feel free to inquire as it is a restaurant where you can relax slowly.

About us

Please come to the dining bar that is close to the Tachikawa area

Please come to the dining bar where you can enjoy creative dishes from Tachikawa

Creative foods and wines opened by local owners, and liquor stores from all over Japan, using sommeliers and cooking techniques accumulated over 15 years in Italian and French, and using direct produce ingredients ordered from various locations. We are proud of our menu and other specialties. In addition to raw ham and roast beef that have been aged for 18 months, we are proud of our ingredients and cooking so that you can enjoy with peace of mind using the seafood directly from fishermen from Kyushu and Sanin.
Fishes sent directly from the fishermen are sent directly from the fishermen with their nerves tightened in the local area, and the internal organs are properly processed at the store, made into clean fish, and ripened at a low vacuum. Compared to fresh fish, it is in the best state with a savory taste, and you can enjoy aged fish in sashimi and carpaccio at creative shops. Please feel free to come to a store where you can enjoy stylish and delicious food and wine and sake from all over Japan that can be used on special occasions.

Tachikawa's dining bar uses discerning produce

In the creative cuisine shop where owners with a 15-year sommelier and cooking experience in Italian, French, and Japanese dishes are enthusiastic, we are particular about the ingredients and offer delicious dishes using fresh produce. Beef is jersey beef from Oyama, Okayama Prefecture, and eats dry hay cultivated in nature, and is brought up in clean water and air, so you can eat with confidence. Ulsan Jersey cattle, which contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acid oleic acid, has a small amount of fat but has a good taste of meat and a lot of soft red meat, is not only delicious, but also good for your health. It is said that it is meat and rarely can be used outside of Ulsan.
In addition, pork is made from a dolphin that was grazed and raised in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and grew freely in the blessings of nature, maintaining a high value of 45% oleic acid compared to ordinary pork, You can enjoy the high concentration of nutrients called solitary olive oil and the savory taste. Ingredients used for cooking are healthy ingredients, production areas, and cultivation methods that you can enjoy with confidence, and you can enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients.