Once you open the door, you will get lost in Morinonaka, which serves delicious Western liquor and Western-style cuisine.

This is a shop where the owner from Tachikawa puts forward what he wants to do.

Morino Naka, which opened in 2019 next to Oni Park, which is famous for filming locations for dramas in Tachikawa, offers a selection of Western liquors, seasonal meat dishes, game meat and mountain delicacies arranged in a Western style. It is a shop that can be used in various situations such as barbecues and private banquets. In addition to table seats and counter seats, there is also a terrace where you can relax, so you can use it in various scenes.

The owner has many years of experience as a sommelier, and you can order wine, a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, and dishes that go well with them in a semi-order format according to your budget, mood, hometown, and background. Ingredients used in the dishes, whether meat or vegetables, are directly sourced from various places, mainly from the mountains, so that the producers can be seen. Served.

The drink list includes wines and hard liquors from all over the world, as well as a wide variety of alcoholic beverages from all over Japan.
There are so many things that I can't make a list in time, but there are a lot of sake that I can't drink anywhere else.
The restaurant is like a hideaway with a calm atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle in front of the station.


Enjoy creative cuisine at the Tachikawa dining bar

Be sure to create a special dish made with fresh produce


Enjoy more than 150 kinds of hard liquor such as wine and whiskey from around the world selected by the sommelier

We have an extensive drink menu


It is near Oni park where central line is visible from terrace


Store name

Western-style small restaurant Molinonaka

Street address

Tokyo Metropolitan Park 1-5-6, Kojimachi, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

phone number
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Regular holiday





The dining bar, where you can enjoy Tachikawa's creative cuisine, is a hideout shop just off the noise of the station, and is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish atmosphere for a date or an anniversary. The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere for adults to enjoy, including counter seating and table seating, as well as terrace seating for dining under the night sky. Please feel free to inquire as it is a restaurant where you can relax slowly.

About us

A cozy restaurant with wide seating and an open terrace.

Morinonaka where you can enjoy sommelier-selected wine, food, and stories

The restaurant, opened by a local owner, sells creative cuisine, wine, and alcoholic drinks from all over Japan.The restaurant utilizes sommelier and cooking skills with 15 years of experience in Italian and French cuisine, and uses farm-fresh ingredients ordered from all over the country. We offer our signature dishes on the menu. We are particular about the ingredients and preparation, including meat ordered from all over the world and game meat sent directly from hunters across Japan, so that you can enjoy it with peace of mind.
Enjoy stylish and delicious food, wine, and alcoholic beverages from around the world, perfect for special occasions.
In addition, at the counter seats, the owner's own wine lessons are also conducted from time to time.

At Morinonaka in Tachikawa, we use carefully selected game meat directly from the farm.

The owner, who has 15 years of experience as a sommelier in Italian, French, and Japanese cuisine, works hard to create creative cuisine. In addition to the orthodox beef, pork, and chicken meat, we also use wild game that is sent directly from hunters all over Japan. We purchase meat that has undergone a lot of work.
Also, as an example, orthodox chicken is not Japanese chicken, but chicken that has been strictly stipulated from Europe.
(After watching the growth of the chickens, the chickens start grazing outdoors from the 22nd to 28th days.) The breeding period is 81 days. No use of antibiotics in feed No use of growth hormones Feed is 100% vegetable feed (no animal feed) Because it is a slow-growth type breed that focuses on meat quality, the average weight on the 81st day is 2.1 kg. We are particular about the production area and cultivation method, and you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients, so please give it a try.